Young Investigator Competition Winners

This page lists all 18 winners of the Young Investigator Competition held during the 2nd World Congress on Electroporation.

Biomedical Engineering

Early Career Investigators


Maura Casciola

Mao Mao

Jeffrey Moran

Elena della Valle

Elena Gianulis

Joseph Sherba


Sponsor: International Federation for Medical and Biological Engineering – IFMBE


Food, Biotechnology and Environment

Early Career Investigators


Sze Ying Leong

Daniele Carullo

Alexis Guionet

(award received by a colleague)

Robin Ostermeier

Artur Wiktor

Katja Zocher


Sponsor: German Institute of Food Technologies – DIL


Medicine and Biology

Early Career Investigators


Kevin Hollevoet

Katarina Žnidar

Shirley Sharabi

Anna Szewczyk

Christina Caroline Plaschke

Lars Mattison


Sponsor: Mr. Frank Reidy