Young Investigator Competition

Young Investigator Award Competition

As with the 1st World Congress we also encourage participation from our young researchers at the 2nd World Congress.

We will have a Young Investigator Competition. There will be three categories: Biomedical Engineering (Sponsored by IFMBE – International Federation for Medical and Biological Engineering); Food, Biotechnology and Environment (Sponsored by DIL – German Institute of Food Technologies); and Medicine and Biology (Sponsored by Frank Reidy).

Acknowledgement of the Competition Supporters

The International Society for Electroporation-Based Technologies and Treatments acknowledges the contributions and donations from the following organizations and individuals for their sponsorship of the Student and Young Investigator Award competition.

For Biomedical Engineering

International Federation for Medical and Biological Engineering – IFMBE


For Food, Biotechnology and Environment

German Institute of Food Technologies – DIL


For Medicine and Biology

Mr. Frank Reidy